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Hello there, I'm Audrey.

As you might know by now, at Bauana Hygge we embrace worldwide ethical and sustainable initiatives that may flourish if only we - the consumers - shift our attention in their direction. We've been helping those communities just by purchasing what they produce. The products in our Cashmere Collection are produced by such initiatives.

For starters, we're honoring a group of tough breeders from the harsh Mongolian Gobi desert. They ethically produce cashmere at well-selected, trusted and cruelty-free farms that follow the FTC Method by FTC Cashmere, Switzerland - which is in full compliance with our own sustainable proposition. And since almost nothing screams hygge loudly than cashmere, those farmers deserve all our support and sponsorship. By the way, all cashmere products you find here are in full compliance, making us proud for including them in our catalog.

I'll be your host during your journey throughout our store. I love it, and I'll do everything possible to make you love it as well. Reach me here - and in the meantime have fun!


Audrey Hughes

Audrey Hughes

The FTC Method

Much has been said about the cashmere industry and its animals' mistreatment. Most of it is true - unfortunately - which seriously undermines the livelihood of the well-intentioned.

However, there are outstanding examples that prove the opposite. If you're curious about the FTC Method, the FTC Cashmere Swiss company, and how good they are for the entire Mongolian Gobi desert region, please watch the video. Have fun!

The Products

Products are few, highly selected, wholesale priced, sourced and shipped worldwide. Shipping is free for all orders above $29.00, always including Insurance and Tracking Number. This store is powered by Shopify, the safest eCommerce platform in the world. And everything is 30-Day Money Back guaranteed. Simple.

100% Pure Mongolian Cashmere Yarn, it's the most popular of our cashmere yarns.

Long-Haired Mink Cashmere Yarn. Super-soft, yet slightly firmer than the Mongolian yarn.

Noble Mink Cashmere. Our most prestigious yarn confirms cashmere's legendary softness.

Mink Cashmere Yarn. Cashmere & Angora, it's our most recent addition to the Cashmere family.

Soft Milk Cotton Yarn, 80% Xinjiang long-staple cotton. But there's a funny story about it!

Mink Cashmere Yarn. Cashmere & Angora, it's our most recent addition to the Cashmere family.

Learn How to Knit

If you are inspired by the hygge implications of knitting but you have no idea how to even start, these videos are made for you - the real beginner! The first one (from Sheep & Stitch) is a step-by-step tutorial for making your first cozy scarf. The other three (from RJ Knits) take you on a very simplified journey into the first steps of (1) kitting, (2) purling and (3) combining knitting & purling. We really hope you enjoy the teachings!

Knit a Scarf, Step-by-Step

by Sheep & Stitch

Learn how to knit a scarf for beginners in this step-by-step video tutorial! This course is designed for complete newbies and beginners, so if you've never held yarn or needles before, then this is course for you!

We'll go over each step of the knitting process (don't worry, there are only 3 steps!) so that you can knit a comfy scarf with any yarn and needles.

How to Knit (Part 1)

by RJ Knits

So you want to learn how to knit but don't know where to start? Look no further! Here I'll go over all the very basic knitting technique you'll need to know:

  • How to make a slipknot;
  • How to cast on;
  • How to actually knit;
  • Knitting the second row.

Purling (Part 2)

by RJ Knits

Yes there's more to be learned! This is probably the second most important thing you're going to need to learn when it comes to knitting. We're learning how to purl in this video, so sit back and relax and forget everything you thought you knew about knitting.

Combining Knitting & Purling (Part 3)

by RJ Knits

Combining knitting and purling is the gateway to all your knitting projects. Learn how to combine the basic knit stitch and purl stitch in three different ways to create three different types of knitting:

  • the stockinette stitch;
  • ribbed knitting;
  • the seed stitch.