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Terms & Conditions - Introduction

We are all facing unusual times, and unusual times require unusual solutions. COVID-19 is affecting our lives in ways we've never experienced before, whether we like it or not. We are learning - as we speak - to adapt and quickly react to these new circumstances.

All customers confirm - by checking out at the Shopping Cart - that they read and agreed with these Terms & Conditions before placing an order on our store. This avoids misunderstandings and unnecessary quarrels, only existing due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Postal Services Worldwide

The pandemic is creating huge logistical problems to all postal services around the world - due to either internal rules and regulations in their own countries, or external lock-downs and restrictions at parcels' destinations. From flight restrictions to enormous packages' pile-ups, parcel deliveries are facing inevitable delays.

But please remember, we are not a postal service.

It's important to make it clear to our customers that we - as well - have been hit by the circumstances. All our loyal customers know, by experience, that we provide high-quality products, at the lowest possible prices, delivered worldwide as quickly as possible. We fulfill our orders the same business day they come in, or the next day at the most. We want you to get the products as soon as possible, for a simple reason: fast turn-over. We love when you receive your order quickly, to quickly order some more. You are happy, we are happy!

So we count on national postal services (for instance: USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, PostNord, PostNL, Poste Italiane, Australia Post, etc, etc.) for fast and reliable services - simply because they are powerful organizations that pick-up our orders in the countries of origin, air-transport them under their wings, to finally deliver them to you.

And that is our business. But again, we are not a postal service.

This message alone would be enough if we'd be talking to our loyal customers only.

However, we also have new customers continuously coming in from all over the world. We love them, and we welcome them with all our hearts! Some of them though, confuse things when they point raging fingers at us for not delivering their orders in due time, sometimes yesterday - as most of our compatriots in the US are now used to. Not considering, for a minute, that we are under a very serious pandemic.

Therefore, we created a special message to our new customers below.

Furthermore, it's important to distinguish International parcel delivery from Domestic parcel delivery. Statements like "My postal service is working perfectly. It delivered my cousin's package from Denver to San Francisco in 5 days. How come you guys can't do the same?" do not resonate while dealing with International logistics. Routes had to be rearranged, hubs discontinued, traditional borders were closed, and so on. Delivering the best cashmere yarn in the world from Mongolia to homes worldwide is a game for big companies, and these big companies are now facing trouble.

Finally, there are new rules and regulations in place during this pandemic. It is very clear in all our sales pages that the insurance refund can be triggered after 90 days from purchase, when we can claim that the parcel is "lost". Once declared officially lost, the refund will be paid immediately.

Again, please understand that all this is beyond our control. But we are doing the impossible to get your orders in time, as we see happening in the UK, where Royal Mail is keeping the average delivery time within the historical 2 weeks from China. They made a wonderful job by quickly creating new routes, reopening old deactivated hubs, hiring the Royal Air Force to help, and so on. As opposed to that, our own US authorities indiscriminately closed everything, from airports to traditional routes, flights, etc., creating chaos to a point that USPS is accumulating parcels at their own facilities overseas, and the pile-up kept growing due to the growth of eCommerce during the pandemic, for many the only solution during close-downs. USPS say things are getting back to normal. In the meantime, the raging fingers keep being pointed at us!

Overall, what we ask for is patience. All will get back to normal fairly soon.


Message to Our New Customers

For starters, welcome aboard! We are very pleased and honored to have you as a client. We'll do the possible and the impossible to make you happy: by providing the best products you can get, at the lowest possible prices, delivered quickly by the best carriers worldwide.

However, you read the above. Sometimes, no matter how much we talk about ourselves, no matter how nice the reviews sound, no matter how much a great product at a low price might enlighten your imagination, no matter all that - you still don't know us. You still have no reasons to trust us. You still look at us and think "is it for real?". This is all natural. Until you have in your hands our wonderful yarns, until you look at your PayPal statement to see how little you paid for it, you won't trust us. Period.

And this is the difference between you - the new customer - and all the loyal customers we have in our list. Trust!

Since we are perfectly conscious of the above, we go overboard to finally gain your trust. Sometimes we send you a free sample. Sometimes we give you an exclusive discount code. Sometimes we stay hours on a Facebook chat detailing specifications, explaining techniques, etc, etc. We love to do that - it's the very BEST part of our job!

Unless - of course - we get abused. And especially when we get abused - having the above mentioned raging finger pointed at us - for absolutely no fault of our own!

And delivery time is a crucial - and frequent, nowadays - reason for such cross-firing. We call it the "Where's my order?????" syndrome. Yes, it usually comes with a few question marks, just to highlight a strong statement. Before we finally decided to post this mandatory page, we looked into our database to verify how many regular customers used that particular syndrome. To our surprise, none! They all came from "1st order" customers. ALL of them!

For some unknown reason to us, "1st order" customers become, by a stroke of pure magic, suddenly friendly once they - finally, after USPS decided to deliver their order - receive our yarns. It's the trust kicking in! That trust that we always pursue as our MAJOR priority!

In the meantime though, until USPS decides to finally do its job, we may be bombarded as rats at your kitchen's corner! We may get all sorts of abusive wordings we won't reproduce here - but you got the picture. We get it: times nowadays call for impatience, for frustration, for rage. No problem with that. Only please direct it to the right target. We are NOT the right target!

Having said that - and because you confirmed at checkout that you read this - here are some gentle rules we'd like to put in writing, so we'll all be clear about what to mutually expect at the end:

  • For starters, welcome aboard! We truly hope to become your trusted partner from now on;
  • We will fulfill your order the same business day, or the next day at the most, considering as "business days" those to be respected at the originating country as well;
  • Every order, no exceptions, comes with a tracking number. It's important to remember though, that tracking systems are not constantly updated nowadays, due to rules directed to avoid unnecessary manipulations, and possibly some other undisclosed reasons. So, you agree to avoid questioning us about any tracking system that is not regularly updating information. "My order is still in China!", "It's not moving for the last 3 days!". etc, are part of what you just agreed to avoid. We also hate when they are not updating, because it means your order might be delayed for some reason, and the reason is frequently not disclosed. It is not our fault if the tracking systems are badly functioning nowadays, and you are now stating that you understand that;
  • Postal Services around Europe are slowly reopening. They still have a backlog of parcels to dispatch, which will necessarily mean further delays. You understand that this is not our fault as well. Services to some countries are, surprisingly, on time: for instance, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, and some other destinations. As a quick note, we truly admire Royal Mail which. Regardless of all the trouble the UK is going through with the pandemic, Royal Mail is delivering in a 12-day historical average door-to-door from China to your doorstep anywhere in UK;
  • This bullet point is for US customers: as stated above, we use USPS (United States Postal Service, our own flag service) to deliver our orders to US customers. We've been doing this for years, and USPS has proudly responded with shorter and shorter delivery time over the years. To the point we usually had a 12 days average between China and your doorstep all the time! This is not the case anymore. USPS is facing a backlog of parcels at their own facilities overseas, including China, resulting in very significant delays. They promise things are improving (we can confirm some cases ourselves), but the problem still persists. It is very important that you understand this, and if you go ahead and place your order you agree with USPS delays, and understand, once again, that this is not our fault;
  • At the end of all this, if orders are not delivered within 90 days after purchase, we will trigger the insurance refund. Forgive us for being repetitive, but we are not an insurance company as well, and we can't predict when they'll honor their responsibilities. So far so good, they've been up to their word for those few orders that exceeded those limits. But once again, please don't blame us for thing beyond our control. Most insurance companies are on their knees due to the pandemic, one more consequence of these unusual times!


A Few Important Guidelines for Our New Customers

As stated before, we don't have the trust of our new customers until our products are properly delivered the first time. In the meantime though:

  • We ask you to please refrain from placing a large first order. In the majority of cases, US$300 (or equivalent) is considered a large order. Most new customers that do so already know our products from friends, family, or some other trusted source. And that makes it OK. However, if you blindly place a large first order and you end up "not liking" our products and quickly request a refund "for not receiving exactly what you wanted", or "the colors were not exactly as the images online (which, by the way, they never are!)", or for any other reasons that could've been avoided if you had tested and understood our products in the first place, we'll open an investigation for fraud, and we might end up not refunding your purchase at all, not even partially. Please be aware of that, before placing a blind large first order;
  • Also please refrain from placing a second order if you haven't received the first one yet. This is very important because we will definitely not refund the order if your request is based on the same (or similar) reasons stated above. If you still don't know our products but you purchase a second one - of which you still ignore the quality - you agree you can't claim any refund;
  • However, after placing one order and receiving it with no issues, and then placing the second order, your second order is certainly based on your appreciation towards our products. Because of that, you'll become a "loyal customer", which will give you access to an exclusive session of our store, where you'll have access to discounts, promotions, pre-launch and launch prices, etc., ect. It's our thank-you gift for being a nice - as well as loyal - customer;  
  • Audrey will be your host during your journey at Bauana Hygge. She is joyful, kind, respectful, and extremely helpful towards our customers. However, she has been instructed to swiftly react against any kind of abuse. We love our kind customers! We don't want to deal with the nasty ones. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason, especially for verbal abuse. There are many other places that agree with abuses for the buck. This is not one of them! We will treat you with the utmost respect, but we won't tolerate any abuse from you;
  • The email to Audrey is always Please, do not send messages to any other email address - to then eventually complain about the lack of response. Audrey always answers emails, just give her the courtesy of one to three business days;
  • We will not tolerate stabs in the back posted on Facebook, Instagram, chats, blogs, comments, etc. If you are not happy with something, please deal with us, not behind us through some random audience posting nasty comments online. And that includes comments like "I placed my order two weeks ago, never received it. This must be a fishy site!", etc - you got the picture. We will pursuit this last issue to the full extent of the law!
  • Finally, having understood and agreed with the above mentioned (including the messages not related to New Customers), you also acknowledge that we might not reply to "Where's my order?????" messages, since we always send you the tracking number and the instruments to track your order yourself. This will save you some rage time, and will save us some precious customer service time, to better serve our customers. Having said that, it is legitimate to ask for our help if tracking gets confusing. No problem, we will respond to the best of our knowledge, in the shortest possible time.


As you might've understood, we are here for the long run. We're not simply adventurers trying to get a buck from "something" online. We are a serious organization, essentially dedicated to help a few underprivileged communities worldwide.

If you're really curious about our journey, our mission and our intentions, please visit our "About Us" page. Having understood all the above, you also understand that we can become very loyal partners. All with the maximum mutual respect.

Once again, welcome aboard!