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Bauana Naturals started in 2014 as part of The Bauana Project, with the specific goal of helping a small community of underprivileged people. The idea was to sustainably extract raw material from the farm to produce high-quality natural and organic skincare products in our US and Canadian labs, and benefit that community in the process.

We studied the successful journey of the argan oil production in Marocco to try to replicate it as much as possible. And so we did. Over time though, we noticed there are many other sustainable initiatives worldwide that could flourish if only we - the consumers - could shift our attention in their direction. To the benefit of everyone.

From cashmere sheared in the Mongolian Gobi desert; to bamboo extracted from the Amazon rain forest; to hemp oil produced throughout many small farms in France and elsewhere, to anything biodegradable, they're all examples of natural, high-quality sustainability that we decided to sponsor.

All you'll find in this store are products that, directly or indirectly, contribute to that. When you buy them you know you're contributing to someone else's better life, you're contributing to making this a better world for all of us.

And - of course - we know you're not just a regular person. You're someone who understands not only how to make this a better world, but you also cherish your own way of living accordingly. You most certainly live the hygge lifestyle.

This store is entirely dedicated to that. To your hygge lifestyle. Enjoy.