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When we pre-launch new products we first list them here. Only loyal customers like you - who love and cherish our products - have access to these pre-launch offers:  

  • We ask you to try the products and give us your super-honest opinion - if you want to, of course;
  • In exchange, you'll pay pre-launch prices - which are way, way lower than retail, and much lower than launch prices;
  • During launch though, we'll continue (for a while) to keep pre-launch prices for you here - just to give you the chance to re-purchase the products you liked at the lowest possible prices.



Now let's talk about these pre-launch products:

  • A new factory contacted us claiming they could offer similar high-quality products to ours, for less;
  • We got curious, ordered some samples, tested and liked them, and closed a preliminary deal with the factory;
  • We're now asking for your opinion to finally see if we include them in the catalog or not. You'll be the judge!
  • For such favor, we're offering them at pre-launch prices: 70% OFF retail.
Mongolian Cashmere Yarn - G2 (Launch Price) Mongolian Cashmere Yarn - G2 (Launch Price)On Sale
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